Day 2
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Deer carcass condition on 10/05/2002.



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Note the hair piled up to to top right. I guess the blowflies did that.

A larvae party. Guess I missed the eggs :(. They are very active. Squirming all over. If you look at the mass of the thousands of squirming larvae from close up, it is really dizzying. This is in the torso area.

Between the front legs.

Notice the white lump under tongue (see details below.

Between the rear legs.

Between the rear legs, I think.
DETAILS Still not much odor. Correction: It really depends on the wind. It can be smelled 150' away if you're downwind. Smells sorta like a mild dead dog smell. Nothing to make one gag or anything. Debbie (wife) disagrees with this assessment. She was complaining that she can't open the windows of the house because of the smell (150' from the hole).

Strange thing. I used normal plastic grocery store bags to hold the intestines and some other internal organs temporarily (until I dumped the parts into the hole). The weird thing is, those bags, which have some residue left on them, were thrown into one of our garbage cans, and that plastic garbage can (with lid closed) now smells just as bad as the corpse does. The smell from this garbage can hits you as soon as you step to that side of the house. It's still another three days until garbage pickup day :( .

Notice the right eye very cloudy and bulging out.

There is some white fat or foam on top of the tongue.

There's a large yellowish-white lump growing underneath the tongue.

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