Day 5
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Deer carcass condition on 10/08/2002.



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I think that the hoof to the left belongs to the rear right leg, and the leg to the left is part of the front left (the deer is facing to the right in all of these pictures).

In this one you can see one of the very few hairy rove beetles right below the ruler. (I think they're not up and about yet because it's too cold for them.)

44 degrees. There is an evanescent cloud of condensation above the carcass.

Not much change today. That thing to the left of the head is indeed a piece of tree root sticking out of the side of the pit. I think the head on the skin is a little darker today. I only saw two hairy rove beetles. That's probably because it's so cold.

Notice the new implements. Every day I have to put a sign in there (with the day number) and something to judge size with (a coin until now). The problem is getting those items back out and disposing of them. I retrieve them with sticks. Once I touch the coin, I can't touch any door handles or the camera or anything with that hand until I wash. I can pick up the sign by the top, but it's still a pain to dispose of it without touching the gook at the bottom. Today I smartened up. I drilled a hole into a portion of an old broken ruler, and I attached string to both implements. The other end of the ruler string is tied around a tree. I'll just lower the ruler end into the pit for my pictures every day.

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