Blaine's Christmas List 2013

Order is significant. Can't use many of the items unless I have the items earlier in the list.

costitem and link
14.95SparkFun VC830L Multimeter (TOL-09141 RoHS)
4.95White Solderless Bread Board
3.95Arduino and Breadboard Holder
4.95Jumper Wires, (includes 30)
0.95330 Resistors (includes 20)
0.9510K Resistors (includes ~20)
2.95Red and Yellow LEDs (includes 10 of each)
0.9510K Trimpot (POTentiometer)
1.5074HC595 Shift Register. Aka Integrated Circuit.
1.95Piezo Buzzer
1.95Tri-color Cathode LED
1.00Big 12mm Buttons. 0.50 ea.
15.9516x2 White on Black LCD (with headers)
8.95Small Servo