ADDM Network Traffic

Scanning Appliance Discovery Communication

N/A ICMP S,P ping
4 UDP,TCP S closed port check
22 TCP S secure shell access on UNIX hosts
80 TCP (HTTP)S fetch HTTP banners
135 UDP,TCP S Detect Windows RPC
161 UDP (SNMP)S SNMP get operations
443 TCP (HTTPS)S fetch HTTP banners
902 TCP (vSphere)S retrieve ESX/ESXi Host details
3940 UDP,TCP S Mainframe z/OS details
1521 TCP X Oracle listener
3306 TCP X MySQL
4100 TCP X Sybase
7001 TCP X JMX

Windows Proxy Discovery Communication

N/A ICMP S,P ping
135 UDP,TCP P DCE RPC endpoint management, DCOM service control
port 139 for old-style domains
445 UDP,TCP P Directory Services SMB
1024 to 1030UDP,TCPP DCOM data sessions if Restricted DCOM set up
1024 to 65535UDP,TCPPDCOM data sessions if Unrestricted DCOM

Component System Communication

<SPEC>TCP O CMDB Sync (customer-assigned AR Server port). Out from syncing appliance.
22 TCP I SSH. All Appliances
25 TCP O SMTP. All Appliances
53 UDP O DNS. All Appliances
123 UDP O NTP. All Appliances
389 TCP O LDAP. All Components
443 TCP I All Appliances. (80 for insecure)
25032TCP (CORBA)O,I Consolidation. In to Consolidator (from Scanners).
4321 TCP (CORBA)I AD Proxy Service. From scanners.
4323 TCP (CORBA)I Credential Proxy Service. From scanners.

SScanning appliance
PWindows Proxy
XeXtended, optional scanning appliance
OOutgoing component System comm
IIncoming component System comm