Day 8
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Deer carcass condition on 10/11/2002.



Click on any image below to see it larger.

Click on the image and look at how the larvae are swarming out of the pit to the right half.

See the larvae streaming out of the pit.

Click and look at the closeup really good and you'll see larvae on the ground under the grass. This is twenty feet from the pit. There is an easily seen path of larvae form the pit to this point. It could possibly go farther, but I'm getting out of the rain.

The camera sort of compresses the distance, but the little tree to the right is where the previous pic was taken, and that is twenty feet from the pit. They are also on much of the piece of plywood that's about half way between the pit and the little tree.
DETAILS Good steady rain. I'm later than normal. It's about 65 degrees out. Very difficult to get good pics while protecting the cam from the rain. The larvae are heading out to pupate. The last picture shows that they have gone at least 20 feet.

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