Day 9
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Deer carcass condition on 10/12/2002.



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You can see the back teeth in this picture. See note about teeth below.

Some ribs with a bit of tissue remaining.

Closeup of some larvae outside of the pit. (They are on the dirt heap).

Close up of some active larvae about 12 feet from the pit.

Picture didn't come out, but this is the bell jar where I have some sample bluebottle fly larvae living.
DETAILS I think it was soaking wet out, but not raining when I took these pics. It was 58 degrees with the night's low 56.

Anywhere within 15 feet from the pit, if you pull away the grass or undergrowth, you will find larvae.

Dilemma resolved. I was wondering why there were only a few incisor teeth and no others. The reason is that there are many more teeth, but there is a large gap between the incisors and the rest. When the flesh is completely gone, I'll make a close examination of the teeth (and other skull features).

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